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Other Marine Accessories

Boat Ramp WINCHES - made in Brisbane!

The Tiger range recovers boats up to 325Kg in weight on gradients up to 27 degrees. A standard ramp is around 12 degrees. The larger more robust and Blue range has models to recover loads to 15,000Kg. Again the angle of ramp and a rolling load over good quality surface determine the model for you. All winches have a forward and reverse pendant control, and a 3 pin power plug for 240 volt electric supply options. Options include radio remote controls and 24 volt hand control.

ALLOY MASTEPS - Australian designed and manufactured

  • Made of cast aluminium
  • Enables crew to safely climb a mast
  • Low profile hence low windage
  • Easily installed with 4 monel 3/16th rivets or metal thread screws
  • Positive lock in closed up positions - cannot fall open
  • High strength and will fit almost any yacht mast shape


A range of strongly built dinghy mast accessories including aerofoil spreaders and spreader band. Very strong spinnaker pole ends for racing dinghys.

SPINNAKER POLE ENDS - Australian made and manufactured

50mm x 2mm, 60mm x 2mm, 80mm x 3mm

  • Cast in AA601 high strength marine grade alloy
  • Extra thick black anodising.
  • World's easiest to dismantle for service - just one shackle pin to remove.
  • Internal or external release
  • Non-rotating plunger pin eliminating spiral action of guy that can cause premature release and tangling of release cord
  • Two strong cast loops for kicker and pole topping lift
SPARES: pins and springs always readily available.


The IYE Super Shute is a lightweight yet robust bailer , which offers quick drainage with ease of operation. Fitted as standard by many leading production dighy builders. Manufactured from tough salt-water resistant nylon and ABS plastic. Each bailer is supplied boxed with stainless steel fixing nuts, bolts, packing washers, hole template and comprehensive fitting instructions. Two sizes to suit sabots to skiffs.

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